How to Pick the Best Bespoke Desserts For A Baby Shower

Special orders, no-bake, and handmade desserts are some of the numerous dessert options for baby showers. Cupcakes and stacked or sheet cakes are common dessert choices. 

Fruit smoothies, small fruit tarts, and fruit muffins are healthier baby shower dessert options. Baby shower sweets that don't require baking, such as pre-made cheesecake mixes, bespoke biscuits, fruit salads or bowls, and fruit or vegetable gelatins, are quick and simple.

A table centrepiece and dessert may be made from an iced layer cake adorned with a baby shower-appropriate theme. 

Cakes come in various sizes, from the conventional two-layered varieties to cakes with several layers. 

Customers can place bespoke orders for themed or character sheet cakes with their preferred cake flavour, frosting, and embellishments. Sheet cakes may be made in various sizes to meet the number of guests attending the shower.

A simple dish to prepare, cupcakes need a few ingredients and a short baking period. Before the baby shower, you may prepare and decorate these handmade sweets, then store them in the fridge to keep them fresh. 

Baby shower attendees can place an order in advance at their neighbourhood supermarket's bakery rather than making their cupcakes.

Muffins that have just been made are an alternative to regular frosted cupcakes. Muffins made with fruit offer a healthier alternative to a dessert containing more sugar. Muffins are a more nutrient-dense but still delicious dessert option and come in varieties like blueberry, oatmeal raisin, or cranberry.

Baby shower desserts like fruit bowls, platters, and salads are often made with seasonal, fresh fruits. Fruit platters with dip and watermelon slices or honeydew and cantaloupe melon balls are wonderful. Grapes, strawberries, and other nuts can also be added to bowls and platters. Ambrosia and Waldorf's salad are two delicious, fruit-based sweets that are perfect for baby showers.

Innovative no-bake desserts created with fruit, vegetables, or a combination can be prepared in gelatins. Gelatin desserts are quick and simple, and gelatin may be made ahead of time. The dish, made of gelatin, can be cut or scooped into small portions and topped with whipped cream.

Platters of individual mini-cheesecakes made using the pre-packaged mix are another example of no-bake desserts. Creamy banana pudding or melted chocolate with strawberries or bananas dipped in it are two delectable homemade dessert alternatives that need no stovetop preparation. 

Popular finger food sweets include marshmallows and puffed rice cereal delights or a variety of fresh gourmet hen party cookies from a bakery specialising in made-to-order goods.

Dessert Bars For A Baby Shower

Candy Bar For A Baby Shower

A baby shower dessert bar is a terrific option to make your setup more elegant. With these, you can fully embrace the shower's theme while also making an impressive display and allowing your guests to select the delicacies they find most tasty.


Candy-Filled Dessert Table For A Gathering

Set the table with variously sized and shaped transparent glass jars. Then, stuff them with sweets in your baby shower colours, including gummies, chocolates, sour candies, and more.

Table With A Princess or Prince Motif

Welcome your young prince or princess by treating your guests like royalty. Use classy cakes, cupcake stands, castle decorations, and perhaps even a mock-up of a horse-drawn carriage to execute this idea. A range of dessert choices fits this theme perfectly.

Cloud Motif

Another fantastic concept for a baby shower is a dessert table with a cloud motif. Decorate it with sky blue and white furnishings, sweets, and balloons in the same colours. The last touch will be a blue cake with cloud embellishments and cake balls carrying cardboard clouds on lollipop sticks. Add a sign that reads, "Heaven Sent" for an added touch.

An Unassuming Dessert Table

Dessert tables at baby showers don't have to be pink or blue. Try dressing your dessert table with lush foliage and big white flowers if you want to make things gender-neutral. Include a selection of elegant bite-sized sweets and several white balloons packed with confetti.


Many delicious desserts can be served at a baby shower. Some popular options include cakes, cupcakes, hen-do cookies, and pies. Many unique and creative desserts can be served, such as cake pops, candy bars, and mini cheesecakes. Whatever desserts you choose to serve, make sure to have enough for everyone to enjoy!

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