The 4 Most Searched Christmas Biscuits This Holiday Season

Whether attending a wedding or getting together with your best mates this Christmas holiday, you can never go wrong with a plate of mouth-watering biscuits. They’re a popular treat that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and unique tastes. Biscuits are also a staple for afternoon tea. 

If you want to bake a memorable holiday for everyone, you’d like to whip up a fresh batch of the most searched biscuits based on Google’s top picks. Fortunately, Google released a map of each locality's most famous Christmas biscuits in the United States—and this surely has some global applications as well.

This article presents how they collected the data, the results, and four data-driven Christmas biscuit ideas you can try. 

How They Collected the Data

The data in the map shows which is the most popular cookie in each state. They considered the five categories: flavour, shape, ingredients used, international influence, and other types. They gathered the data from more popular queries in each state than nationwide. 

They didn’t include chocolate chip and gingerbread biscuits in the final results because they weren’t over-represented in one locality.

What Are the Results?

“Christmas cookie fudge” was the most searched biscuit in six localities. “Italian Christmas biscuits” come next as the most popular in five U.S. states. Whereas “Old fashioned Italian Christmas biscuits” was the most famous choice for people in Washington, D.C. 

On the other hand, lemon and Oreo Christmas biscuits were the most searched in one state. And keto and gluten-free Christmas biscuits are popular choices in four states. These search results suggest that more people are considering healthier options when baking for the holidays. 

The data shows that everybody has different biscuit preferences across the state. The Northeast U.S. highly favours biscuits with international flairs. On the other hand, Midwestern residents usually prefer recipes with more unique ingredients. 

4 Must-Try Christmas Biscuit Ideas

After discussing how Google collected the data and explaining the results, this section will enumerate four data-driven Christmas biscuit ideas you can try during the holidays. 

1. Chocolate Crinkle Biscuits 

Going with the classics is always your best choice for the holidays. For this reason, we recommend whipping up a fresh batch of chocolate crinkle biscuits. These delightful sweets are a certified crowd-pleaser with a generous layer of confectioners’ sugar coating the chocolate cookie, giving a lovely snowy exterior. While this recipe has been a favourite in Delaware and Illinois, it will be a hit wherever you go! 

2. Sugar Biscuits

Another classic and popular biscuit you can bake during the holidays is sugar biscuits if you want something minimalistic yet bursting with flavour. This simple yet mouthwatering recipe is a favourite in Arkansas and Nevada. You can also use these biscuits as the basis for other biscuits, such as pecan logs. 

3. Glazed Lemon Biscuits

We recommend baking glazed lemon biscuits if you want something sweet and citrusy during the holidays. These biscuits are simple to make and only require a few ingredients. Some lemon juice and zest are the critical components of this holiday biscuit, making them a crowd-pleaser in Oregon. Residents voted “Lemon Christmas biscuits” as the favourite. 

4. Italian Jam Biscuits

If you want to satisfy everyone’s classy tastes during the holidays, we recommend trying Italian jam biscuits. This biscuit recipe is the top favourite in many places around the world. It’s a splendid combination of a shortbread cookie base and flavourful jam. They’re easy to make and are a certified crowd-pleaser! 


Biscuits make the perfect treat during the holiday season. There are different flavours and styles suited to everyone’s unique tastes. Trying our best picks can help you bake a memorable holiday for yourself and your loved ones. 

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