Bank of Dad Fathers Day Biscuit Gift Set


Our Bank Of Dad Biscuit Gift Box comes as Shortbread biscuits, gift box size 120mm x 165mm. Lasts for at least 3 months on delivery.

🍪 Handmade Bespoke Iced Biscuits - Unique and Delicious Treats! 🍪

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our handcrafted, custom-designed iced biscuits. Perfect for any occasion, our beautiful shortbread and vanilla-flavoured bespoke biscuits are a delightful way to celebrate any occasion

Key Features:
* 📅 Long-lasting Freshness: Enjoy our shortbread biscuits for up to 6 months
* 💝Beautifully packaged to create a luxury and unforgettable opening experience
Why Choose Us?
* 🌿 Quality Ingredients: Not only are our iced biscuits beautiful to look at, they are equally as good to eat too!
* 🛍️ Custom Orders: Bring your vision to life with our bespoke designs.
* 🍪Large order quantities: Please get In contact if you would like to enquire about larger quantities and we will provide a competitive quote

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