Cactus Leaving Biscuits


🌵 "Thanks for Leaving Us, You Prick!" 🌵

Who says goodbyes can't be hilarious? Our iced cactus biscuits are the ultimate way to bid farewell with a wink and a smile. 🌵😄

Crafted with love and a sprinkle of mischief, these sweet treats are designed for those light-hearted moments when you want to playfully tease a friend, coworker, or anyone who's moving on. They'll get the joke, and you'll all share a laugh!

So, whether it's a buddy finding a new job or a roommate starting a new adventure, show your appreciation with a touch of humour. It's the tastiest way to say, "Thanks for leaving us, you prick!" 😉 Order now and spread the giggles! 🌵🍪

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